January 4th, 2018, 2:25 pm

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likesummer on January 4th, 2018, 2:25 pm

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Happy new year everyone!!

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Kwildshine on January 4th, 2018, 2:29 pm

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Oh no! I hope Kenny will be ok!

Ledgerina on January 4th, 2018, 3:05 pm

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Oh no!! Please, I wasn't expecting this at all. I was trully focused on Dakota's "own journey" after the big fight and when I see the episode starting with those guys it never crossed my mind that they were after Kennedy in that moment.

Tamerlane on January 4th, 2018, 4:24 pm

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@Ledgerina same! I didn't see that coming. Oh no! Hopefully he laid some bear traps around!

Button eyes on January 4th, 2018, 10:34 pm

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Oh man I can’t wait for the next episode! Looks promising

Yiska_XIII on January 5th, 2018, 2:12 am

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oh dear

TheMentalGlitch on January 5th, 2018, 12:41 pm

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Noo not poor Kennedy

Huntik13 (Guest) on January 5th, 2018, 1:20 pm

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I hope they don't shoot at Kennedy...

di-chan on January 7th, 2018, 8:39 am

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maybe they just wanna be friends? snugle at the fire and eat marshmallows?

DandyD (Guest) on January 7th, 2018, 9:33 am

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Plz do not hurt him he's been hurt enough