January 12th, 2017, 4:55 pm

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likesummer on January 12th, 2017, 4:55 pm

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Ahh!! This page has been a long time coming. Sorry about the delays but I tried to post in my news about it. Life just got way too crazy for a hot minute. Anyways, can't wait to finish this chapter up and get to some really exciting stuff. * w *

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M-24 on January 12th, 2017, 5:37 pm

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lol "still got it"
you sound like an old man

sstogner1 on January 12th, 2017, 8:43 pm

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looks happy to have a house to stay in :)

lazy-lil-king on January 12th, 2017, 11:26 pm

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like magic

lifedreamer on January 12th, 2017, 11:44 pm

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Do we have a cute little Dean Winchester here? <3

likesummer on January 23rd, 2017, 6:06 pm

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@M-24 xD Right.

@sstogner1 Even as dusty as everything is I bet it would be nice to have a couch to sit on. Heheh.

@lazy-lil-king xD To kennedy it sure is magic.

@lifedreamer xD M-maybeee?? hehehehe