October 23rd, 2015, 12:19 am

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likesummer on October 23rd, 2015, 12:23 am

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Hey guys, just wanted to thank everyone for bearing with me. I had to pack up and leave Australia for a bit (sob) so I'm reorganizing and had to install junk on my laptop. xD I'm trying also to get a look I want for b/w and I'm feeling like high contrast bumped up, just black and white suits it better, I'll go back and edit that page with the grays. I think I have a habit of over complicating things in my work so I want to try and force myself to work simply and effectively. Anyhow, enjoy and I'll have another random update soooonn!!

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raephium on October 23rd, 2015, 1:07 am

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I really liked the grey tones with the white/blacks a lot more to be honest. Perhaps instead of taking them out completely, just simplify the amount of detail you do, but put the grey in for shading? Else the comic just looks 2 layered and it looses it's realistic appeal? I am unsure.

The black background instead of a lighter shade of grey tends to make it loose it's depth and it looks very odd but that might also be because I'm used to the color/greyscale art you've done in the past.

To be honest, take your time and settle in and don't worry about getting art spit out quick, or else you might regret it later and feel you need to change it all, all over again, because it later on it might look 'too' simplified and irritate you?

I am totally fine with waiting a year for an artist to get situated so they can get back to drawing things out how they REALLY want instead of simplifying it so it's quick and easily put out for readers to oggle. Make it something instead to make folks remember you above all the others. <3

Astarta on October 23rd, 2015, 10:01 am

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I like the black and white!
I think you'll know if you like it or not some pages later.
Installed junk is annoying) luckily when I sit on linux I don't notice it as much as on my win system) as they are just packages and out of sight. Good luck with settling in new place! :)

likesummer on October 23rd, 2015, 3:19 pm

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@raephium I really appreciate your input. I do agree like the charm of this comic was its realism and that's how it was built up for a while. I might try and see how flats look (this page is a bad example because I drew it inbetween like moving and adjusting and panic attacks so it kind of shows, my other pages will have reaaally detailed backgrounds to give it more depth.)

So maybe flats without the soft shading because I really didn't like the look of it in the last page at all. To be honest I do love Indigents and the story but it was a project made with an old friend and taking it on for myself is fun but it's a side project; not something I want to funnel all my time and energy into . I have another story I want to work on soon which will be my primary effort.

My intention is to bring this story to life for the fans and because I think its really solid and fun, but I also do art professionally and need to make ends meet, and while I have a donation button up I don't ask for money for this project and it feels wrong to take it away and demand say a Patreon monthly donation in order to offer it publicly at the level it was. If I were to put the level of effort I was in before, I wouldn't have the time to pursue my solo dream projects like I want to, and I would have to charge because spending 40+ hours on a page by myself isn't feasible when I still have other things I want to do. I do want the comic to look good for readers and I'm happy you put in input.

I'll take what you said and try and process it in a way that's less time consuming so that I can both give quality and have time to pursue something that I really want to do and that can potentially help me save money to move back to Australia and or feed myself. ;w; Thankyou so much for telling me how you feel and being really kind about it. <3

@Astarta Thankyou!! And yeah I think getting a few pages in a new style takes some trial and error and this page is a bit of both. The most recent one I finished is bomb af so I'm SUPER proud and love it, if I could get the next one to look as fantastic I'd be feeling more settled about the direction I'm taking it in artstically. And thankyou, like I had such a comfy computer set up for a while and because I'm traveling within the U.S. saving for my next Australian Visa (permanent visa *crosses fingers*) I kinda have to make stuff work on sub par equipment that travels easy. Ughugh so I had to like redownload all my fonts and install MS, and scanning software and I'm bad at computers. OTL hehe. Thanks for the support though!~


Torse on October 23rd, 2015, 4:02 pm

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I don't care how you end up illustrating this story, I'll love it.
The colors were pretty, but the black and white is still your style and is still very good looking.

thanks for the update!

raephium on October 24th, 2015, 2:34 am

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Okay! Thank you for that, I did not want to have it come off as me being overly demanding or anything like that. I'm aware that moving and doing a lot of other things can deter one's imagination, as I write and work and things really make me deviate from it a lot. <<" But, I do love the comic and just hope that my input helps to keep that wonderful imagination of yours from cutting yourself short. <3