July 28th, 2012, 4:38 pm

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likesummer on July 28th, 2012, 4:38 pm

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Because that looks sanitary, I'm beginning to doubt Dr.Purple gloves credentials...In other news it's only one page right now guys! But the bonus page will be up sometime this week sooo....Keep an eye out!

Vons on July 28th, 2012, 4:43 pm

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Dakota is not handling blood loss very well. BUT OH GOSH I WONDER WHAT THE NURSES NAME COULD BE..................

(i write the worst author comments AHA ENJOY THE NEW PAGE!! <33)

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*milk+assassin* on July 28th, 2012, 5:00 pm

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DUN DUN DUUUN! If Dakota didn't lose his consiousness from the blood loss, he's about to do it now u-u

Bursyamo on July 28th, 2012, 5:05 pm

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He goes from thinking about the "kill ability" of Kennedy, to flirting.... I like his style ;D

Apostrophe on July 28th, 2012, 5:30 pm

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Poor Dakota.
Kennedy is a good nurse.
The pages are looking so great, ladies.

ArkanoiR on July 28th, 2012, 5:34 pm

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streetwalker on July 28th, 2012, 6:45 pm

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Dakota looks like he's in a better mood... :3 Wonder why...? *wiggles eyebrows*

Themarkees on July 28th, 2012, 8:04 pm

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Looks like there by a pool of lava lol

coloradogirl86 on July 29th, 2012, 12:39 am

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Stunning! I love the way you used color here.

FlyingPencil on July 29th, 2012, 1:28 am

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Sounds like Dakota's all fixed up and ready to roleplay. Blood? What blood? You. Me. Bed. Now. I think it's time to bang bang, if you know what I mean.
(he definitely lost too much blood if anything like this is going through his head)

Shark on July 29th, 2012, 4:17 am

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I'll tell you what your nurse does have - it's called a dick.

Oh man, that ground. That is a sweet fucking ground. I just wanna roll all around in it. Thank you both for putting such hard work into this and - HOLY SHIT THERE'S TREES IN THE BACKGROUND OF THIS WEBCOMIC PAGE THING THEY LOOK LIKE ASPEN TREES OR SOME SHIT BUT THOSE ARE SOME SWEET FUCKING TREES.

This place just got a whole lot better.

DarkLemon on July 29th, 2012, 8:28 am

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ahhh I dunno why I got warm when looking at the last panel.. ff the asking for le nurse name >.< what have you guys done to me, i'm addicted to these two now Dx

likesummer on July 29th, 2012, 4:11 pm

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@*milk+assasin* Ahaha, Oh god, he is so close to passing out. Extreme blood loss makes him so loopy he's actually sociable. Silly Dakota.

@Bursyamo Dakota can never get his feelings skraight. He's a confused bro.

@Apostrophe Thanks bby. <3 So much.

@ArkanoiR Ffff!! Omg you do, that's so cool! Maybe you didn't notice because Kennedy didn't exist for more than half of it. Ahahaha! That and I don't think we really showed the back of his head yet? Either way so cool!

@streetwalker Sadly his good moods are always short lived. Haha.

@Themarkees The firelight is a little exaggerated, sorry. I tend to over-do things for the sake of the picture and simultaneous contrast.

@coloradogirl86 Aww thankyou! I'm fighting these colors tooth and nail but I think they're starting to come to me!

@FlyingPencil Ahahah, I don't think Dakota's lost that much blood! It'd have to be like, almost all of it. fkgkg

@Shark DYING! DEAD! YOU KILLED ME, THANKX. Also, thankyou ;^; the backgrounds are the toughest part for me but I love playing with them and trying new things. I'm glad the ground looks like a ground. ajdjgg

@DarkLemon D'aww thats so cute! I'm glad you like them ;^; It gives me and Bhan the warm fuzzies, I'm sure!

yaya_koshiya on July 29th, 2012, 4:32 pm

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Blood loss make Dakota dere-dere, I see.

XxiEmoLysaxX on July 29th, 2012, 5:23 pm

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I hope Kennedy doesn't have any cuts on his fingers... >.> I would've fainted from blood loss mixed with pain. Shit I would've told someone to leave me for dead in the bear trap; Dakota, from which land do YOU hail from, bruh?

Hey look, his extra tight skinny jeans roll up!

Conrii on July 31st, 2012, 10:19 am

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Ow, Messie! By the way, how come everyone knows Kennedy's name? Did I miss something?

wow wow

SketchJelly on August 4th, 2012, 8:49 am

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I remember reading some of this a long time ago, but to be honest I thought it was really spooky, so I didn't fav it, and pretty much since then I have regretted not doing so, I'm glad I found it again! Awesome artwork and everything else, haha!

response post

Vons on August 6th, 2012, 8:51 pm

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@yaya_koshiya - i had to look that up, dere dere. but LOL yeah i guess a little blood loss makes dakota slip into a more talkative (unintentionally flirtatious) mood?

@XxiEmoLysaxX - Cleaning blood off skin is easier than gloves, so Kennedy didn't really have a choice ahaha. I ALWAYS laugh at your dakota comments! he hails from the land of badasses, where they are as aggressive as they are stupid. and dude, Dakota's jeans are a mystery.

@Conrii - Oh no, you haven't missed anythin, don't worry! ;v; Technically its still Dr Purple Gloves because they haven't been properly introduced. People who follow Cass and mine's tumblrs know both their names already though.

@SketchJelly - aw, well thanks for giving us a second chance! <3 Its more gorey than it is spooky. I'm glad you found us again too, thanks for the sweet comment!! ;v;

XxiEmoLysaxX on August 6th, 2012, 9:01 pm

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@Vons Lol I'm glad thank you. Dakota has that Wal-Mart stretch fit technology.

hmm? -.O

buddhaalex (Guest) on August 7th, 2012, 11:30 pm

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Anyone else notice that while clearly, based on the scar healing on his face, about 6 months have passed for the characters, Dakota is still wearing the same jeans, sweatshirt and shoes from when the outbreak began in the liquor store? Either he hasn't dared go near enough a populated city to get new ones, or he must really really love those jeans... ^__^ Who wants to bet it's the nutsmuggling jeans?

kurokidoki on August 9th, 2012, 8:45 pm

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Wow this is really good! Nothing like a good ole apocalypse story. :D

MegaAnimeFreak7 on August 11th, 2012, 7:32 pm

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And here we go. XDD

SomiJuli on August 14th, 2012, 9:01 am

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yuck. at least someone knows wat they're doing. lol nureses reply: "bobby" dakota: "WTF? o_O" lmao!

nad ur scenery/backgrounds are simply beautiful!! meant to say that to the first panel of the last page.

Vons on August 15th, 2012, 1:37 pm

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@buddhaalex (guest) - good observation! a lot of time has passed since the liquor store incident, and yeah, cities are a big no-no when traveling alone. Dakota was never big in to fashion or material things even before the apocalypse, but its definitely more convenient now just to wear the same clothes rather than scavange for new stuff. aka dakota's a scrub LOL

@kurokidoki - Aw thanks so much! ;v; I'm a big fan of apocalypse stories too, glad you're liking it so far~

@MegaAnimeFreak7 - LOL yep theyre finally talking about things other than bear traps.

@SomiJuli - oh man that would be hilarious but dr purple gloves gets a nice androgynous name instead AHA. and Cass does an excellent job on the backgrounds, her trees and lighting are always stunning. ;v;